3 Dumbbell Resistance Band Exercises For Strength

Your physique doesn’t know what sort of train you’re doing you’re performing a dumbbell workouts , a resistance band workouts, or perhaps a dumbbell resistance band workouts. All it is aware of is that it feels resistance, and it has to beat it. So as to add muscle and power, progressive overload is the name of the game: extra weight, extra reps, extra units, and extra prolonged pressure on the muscle.

Some dumbbell workouts can mess up (when the dumbbells get huge) the mechanics of the motion. The goblet squat and dumbbell bench press are two prime examples. Moreover, at some gyms, the dumbbells go so excessive that you just’re tapped out.

One solution to work round this challenge is including a looped band to a dumbbell as a result of the additional the band stretches, the tougher it’s, including resistance the place it counts. Including a couple of resistance band workouts to your exercise is a match made in heaven, and right here is why.

The Power Curve

It seems like a elaborate identify, however it’s not. The strength curve of an exercise is the drive generated at every level by means of an train vary of movement. Whereas lifting, your joint’s angle adjustments, and the resistance felt varies. For instance, whereas performing a dumbbell bench press, extra drive is required through the first third of the train than with lockout, the place the resistance feels gentle.

The fantastic thing about including resistance bands to dumbbells is that it opposes this power curve. Much less drive is required to get it going when the band shouldn’t be tight, however extra drive is required when locking out. As a result of the additional the band stretches, the extra resistance you get. Essentially the most vital good thing about including bands to dumbbell workouts is including extra resistance through the concentric focus, which is able to assist enhance your lockout power.

3 Dumbbell Resistance Band Workout routines

Should you don’t have entry to heavy dumbbells, including resistance bands is a wonderful technique so as to add resistance and selection with out the price of buying dumbbells or hurting your self by getting the heavy dumbbells into place. Adding bands to dumbbells makes for a pleasant change of tempo whereas serving to enhance your lockout power, and listed here are three workouts that do exactly that.

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