Derek Panza and Marco Rivera Demonstrate How to Block and Counter

Fight sports activities isn’t all about offense. Protection is simply as vital, if no more so. Three-time world kickboxing champion Derek Panza is aware of all about this, which is why he shared time to reveal the “block and counter” approach in a current video on the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. His accomplice for this demonstration was IFBB Professional League bodybuilder Marco Rivera, who additionally was a professional boxer in his athletic profession.

“The theme is identical with each sort of counter-strike approach. It should be instantaneous,” defined the coach. “Too many individuals block, then counter. It takes too lengthy.”

Panza shared that the 2 actions must be nearly simultaneous, nearly as if each actions are one motion.

If I’m going with my left hook, I’m aiming proper for Marco’s neck and jaw, he’s going to dam instantaneous. The second he feels my knuckles simply touching his glove, he has to begin firing again his left hook,” Panza shared. He went on to share what would occur if Rivera was not in a position to react correctly.

“If he waits, pauses, then tries to fireside his left hook, I’ll most likely already get my proper hand off earlier than that.”

A combat athlete can’t take into consideration a single punch or strike. They should be ready for a number of of them without delay. Combos are used usually in fights. Panza defined that fighters are programmed to carry out mixtures. This is the reason a method like block and counter will be much more vital. Blocking the primary punch can presumably permit him to react and start his personal mixture, which may very well be a turning level within the match. Panza even shares that refined actions is usually a huge distinction.

“Marco was dipping his proper shoulder and his proper hip,” Panza identified. “It really helps him take in the influence. His legs and physique act like shocks on a automotive. Then it coils his left shoulder again, simply to drop. So now, the ability for his punch comes from the hip, his shoulder coiled again, and his thigh. All these huge muscle mass, we’re really utilizing now.”

The 2 athletes go on to reveal the block and counter in addition to different tricks to maximize the effectiveness of the punch that the blocking competitor would come again with. To study extra of Panza’s ideas and methods, subscribe to the M&F YouTube channel.

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