mic the vegan
Carnivore and Vegan Diet Swap: Shocking Blood Results

A carnivore and a vegan dieter switched diets for 30 days. Here are the results from the blood tests tied back into the research. source

Autoimmune Diseases: Can a Vegan Diet Help?

Can a vegan diet help with autoimmune diseases? Which diseases does it fight best? This video looks at over 25 studies to find ... source

Abbey Sharp Debunks Oil Free Vegan Diet?

Abbey Sharp has some sharp words for those who promote an oil-free vegan diet. My response to her defense of olive oil, her ... source

Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY

Are supplements necessary on a vegan diet? We explore this topic in this week's video featuring Mic the Vegan. Mic the Vegan's Channel: http://bit.ly/2LkrKOt ...

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