Top 4 Hamstring Exercises For More Muscular Legs

Let’s face it, your quads and glutes get a lot of love within the fitness center, however your hamstrings? Sadly, most likely not a lot. Whenever you’re flexing within the mirror (and you realize you might be), how usually do you admire your hamstrings? In case you don’t discover then visually, there’s a very good likelihood as effectively you don’t embody hamstring workout routines to your coaching as usually as it’s best to, which might result in weak or underdeveloped hamstrings. So, there’s a robust likelihood you’re not maxing out your power potential along with your lower-body training.

Weak hamstrings are a number one reason behind hamstrings strains, so it’s important to prioritize the posterior a part of you legs for not solely aesthetics, but in addition efficiency and damage prevention. The hamstrings are extensors on the hip and flexors on the knees they usually play an vital position in your efficiency and the well being of the decrease physique.

Right here we’ll go into hamstring anatomy, the advantages of coaching the hamstrings, and 4 workout routines so as to add dimension and power to this vital area.


The hamstrings are sometimes considered and known as one muscle, however the hamstrings are a gaggle of three muscle groups in your posterior thigh: biceps femoris (lengthy and quick head), semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These three hamstring muscle groups originate within the posterior decrease pelvis, they usually insert medially and laterally beneath the knee on the fibula and tibia.

The exception right here is the biceps femoris quick head, which originates from the decrease femur. The primary actions of the hamstrings are

  • Hip Extension: Squat, deadlift, and hip thrust
  • Hip Hyperextension: Glute kickback
  • Knee Flexion: Squat and hamstring curl variations

The workout routines centered on right here contain hip extension and knee flexion. Save the glute kickbacks for booty day.


Consider your legs like a automobile. Your quads act like shock absorbers for the knee and the hamstrings act just like the brakes. In case your brakes don’t work, your knees are in bother. So, coaching the hamstrings will go a great distance in retaining your knees wholesome. Listed below are just a few different vital advantages of coaching your hamstrings.

  • Reduces Hamstring Strains: Hamstrings strains suck they usually often occur after they prolong eccentrically. Whenever you’re coaching hamstring eccentric power with the 4 workout routines on this checklist, it reduces the danger of hamstring strains due to enhancements in eccentric knee flexor power and the size of the biceps femoris. Plus, lowering any power imbalance between the quads and hamstrings decreases damage danger to the knee and hamstring additionally.
  • Run Sooner and Higher: Strengthening your hamstrings goes a great distance in serving to you run quicker by bettering your neuromuscular coordination, energy, and VO2 max. Plus, it helps you run extra effectively due to higher motion coordination and stride effectivity.
  • Improved Method: If in case you have a power imbalance between your hamstring and quads, strengthening your hamstrings will improve your eccentric control on deadlifts and squats and lockout power on each.


So as to add muscle and power to the hamstrings you want workout routines that undergo a wide range of movement. This offers you extra muscle-building potential as a result of the hamstrings are underneath pressure longer.

Second, it’s worthwhile to incorporate progressive overload — how else are you going to get stronger? Listed below are 4 workout routines that just do that.

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